Friday, September 28

Start a Fashion Collection and Build a Fashion Library

Jonathan Adler Design

Every fashion lover's dream is to create and own a special designer collection. Imagine getting home from a hard day of work just to be surrounded by beautiful, and calming things.

Find unique and exclusive designs at This site is great because they only carry editions of certian stylish items, and cannot be bought anywhere else in the world.
Every girl loves a glamourous and form fitting vintage designs. They are always stylish and great conversation starters. Start your collection at the fabulous boutique, Retrodress. They showcase clothing, vintage furs, jewelry, shoes and much more.

For a fashion library, you could start off with books about types of fashion that you love. In addition to smaller, shelf size books, you can choose larger coffee table books to "wow" your guests. After you choose your "favs," start to search for some more informative books on design and history.

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