Friday, September 28

New York Fashion Update

Navy Nails

Russian Navy by OPI
L adies ditch the black and get lacquered up in this sophisticated and sleek nail polish. It goes with everything this season from the silvers to golds to the blues to the pinks. If this is just a tad bit too, risque, Per Se, why not do the upside down manicure and just paint the tips with this gorgeous hue while leaving the rest of the nail iridescent white? Tres Chic!
Sparkly Top

Egg Plant Camisole by Mint and Jodi Arnold available at

There's a blur between day and night in fashion right now and I'm all for it. Bring out your sparkly tops for daytime and enjoy cocktails after work without racing to your apartment. To stay warm try a chunky knit sweater in camel for a casual cover-up that's delicious. xx MIMI

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