Thursday, October 18

Fake a Clear Complexion

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I started using this Origins concealer a few months ago and I love it. You use it to cover pimples, red spots, brown spots, scars, etc. It goes on full coverage, and is almost waterproof, but it does come off easily when you wash your face. It covers better than any other concealer I've tried in the past. It is almost "tacky" in texture when it is nearly dry, but it blends well. Foundation blends smoothly over or under it. I like to put a dab of concealer on any problem spot, or under my eyes to cover dark circles. Then, I use either my middle or ring finger to lightly "dab" it over and over, around the problem area to smooth it out evenly to the contours of my face. The key is to keep the problem spot covered with the product. Don't rub off the product by rubbing too harshly with your fingers or application sponges.

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