Thursday, October 18

The Haute Lady's Man

Have you ever wondered what a guy was really thinking? Did you ever want to know what real men think of today's fashion scene? Well you're in luck because we now have a new segment called "The Haute Lady's Man." We will be featuring one hard working, lady's man, each time to enlighten you, and hopefully lift your spirits. MySpace addresses are availabe upon request.

So without further ado, here is our first haute man:

Name: Mike Jones
Age: 35
Occupation: Remote Service Technician

"The design of the outfit is good. It looks like something one might wear out, on a warm summer evening for casual dinner or drinks. It's sexy but not slutty, and she looks well put together. I'm not real big on the way the top lays against her body, but I'm a guy. I wear t-shirts, what do I know?"

Well put, and I couldn't agree more. The halter could be a little more fitted, but I do like its fluidity. The oversized clutch is amazing and the neutral colors go with everything ;)

Design by Versace, Spring 2008 Ready To Wear Collection

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