Wednesday, October 31

Let's get organized

You’re a fashionista who loves to shop (a little too much) but when it comes to storage your closet isn’t exactly Wardrobe NYC. Staying organized in such a small space is difficult you say. Well here’s good news, staying organized just got easier and way more stylish!

When it comes to handbags you’re a connoisseur. You have many distinct styles from bold to lady-like. What better way to display your collection than on these fabulous handbag hangers by Sarah Shaw? (They are a celebrity favorite)
Not only will you have your handbags eye level you’ll also be able to show off your style with a selection of prints for every handbag hanger.

Your shoes are your prized possessions so why not protect them with these genius clear shoe boxes? They are chic, affordable and most importantly versatile. The covers stay connected so you’ll never lose them. These boxes can also be used for other things that you’d like to store away.
Now that you’re a domestic diva, make sure it stays that way. xx MIMI

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