Wednesday, October 31

Beauty Product Review of the Week: E.L.F. Cosmetics

We all get a little jolt of triumph when we score a bargain. Especially when that bargain will make you not only turn heads but break necks. My new favorite drugstore find is E.L.F. Cosmetics. E.L.F. (which stands for eyes-lips- face) offers an array of makeup that leave you looking gorgeous without breaking the bank. The color palettes are expertly chosen to compliment fashion trends. So this fall while you’re prancing around in that plum satin mini dress and gold cowboy boots, dust your lids with E.L.F.’s plum palette. With so many products to choose from and at insanely low prices why not go crazy and fill up your professional Sephora make-up trunk.
Editor’s Pick:

My favorite product from E.L.F. cosmetics that I stock up on is the Hypershine gloss. I go through one tube of lip gloss in one week. So this gloss is perfect, economy wise. The formula is long lasting and won’t leave your lips feeling sticky or gooey. I finished off a mini bottle of Pellegrino with gloss intact. Now that’s a feat. The applicator is genius. It dispenses just the right amount of gloss. Hypershine gloss comes in an array of colors that compliment all skin-tones. Get glossy ladies. xx MIMI

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