Saturday, November 17

Hip Hollywood Homes

"Hollywood is diverse. It is complex. It is unpredictable. Almost every culture in the world is represented somewhere in the city. Hollywood is glamorous and ordinarinary, cutting-edge and refined."
- Courteney Cox Arquette
I couldn't agree more. Hip Hollywood Homes by Sue Hostetler trendsetter and the style editor of Aspen magazine, gives us an intimate peek inside some of Hollywood's celebrated and exotic homes. The book is definitely inspiring. This book is a feast to the eyes from beginning to end. From Jacqui Getty's fabulous dark wood custom-made closet housing her Birkin collection to Lara Shriftman's show stopping dining room complete with matte black walls and Hermes china and flatware you'll be doused in the pure decadence of the Hollywood lifestyle. Hip Hollywood Homes is a great gift as well as a perfect coffee table book! Buy it Here xx M

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