Friday, November 16

Fleur Boutique

Shopping at Fleur is like spending time in your chicest friend's well-stocked
closet: you're in for a super-girly treat (honest advice included) and all of
your very favorite designers are there. Is that a coincidence? Not a chance.
The girls behind Fleur, Eliza Stoecker and Christina Cerwin, have been
friends since grade school and knew exactly the kind of shopping
atmosphere and experience they wanted to create.
A sleek, modern design with pristine all-white decor and equally cool pink
accents provides the perfect backdrop to the colorful bounty from fashion's
most sought-after lines. Upon returning to North Carolina, the girls decided
it was time to realize their dream and open shop. The premier shop
opened its doors in Chapel Hill in 2003 offering Triangle shoppers interesting
and up-and-coming designers that were not available in the South. Their
concept of blending femininity with unique fashion was so embraced by their
clientele that the two opened a second location in Raleigh's Cameron Village
in 2005. Eliza's sister Louise Stowe joined them on this venture.
Though under the same name, the sister stores are unique in their
offerings, which gives shoppers two, always fabulous boutiques to regularly
peruse. Chapel Hill remains more contemporary and a touch more
conservative, while the Raleigh shop exhibits edgier, more independent
lines. Both are always right on with each season's offerings.
Consistently praised for their buying skills, the girls have displayed an
innate ability to spot each season's must-have looks that translate to the
store's locations and are readily scooped up by loyal customers.
Their secret? -They're avid fashionistas with a strong sense of style and
really know their customers well. For the girls at Fleur, this is a personal
business, which is why the store is known for its attentive and
knowledgeable customer service. That, coupled with an incredible
designer line-up has landed Fleur in the pages of several of today's
must-read glossies including Lucky, InStyle,and Harper's Bazaar, and made
the two boutiques a favorite shopping destination for fashionistas-in-the-

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