Wednesday, December 5

Letters to Mimi: Starving Student

Dear Mimi,
I'm a poor college student living in New York City and as of late, I've been suffering from a major fashion slump. All I've been wearing for the past two weeks have been jeans (albeit awesome jeans) and tees. I want to add a little more glamour to my daily presentation of myself but it's very hard to do so with an 8:30 class, when I have to do my makeup on the ferry! Please help. -Starving Student

Chic Students Courtesy of Sartorialist

Dear Starving Student,
For God's sake, you live in New York where there are many treasures to be found for a pretty penny. It's easy to look fabulous without breaking the bank. Here's how:

1. Designer Discount Stores: I have stepped foot in every discount stores in hopes of finding a Galliano gown and have always been disappointed (even though I know it will never happen). But the hidden treasures i finally do find are priceless! I've found Oscar De La Renta sweaters for $20.00 at Century. Stocked up on designer shoes up to 70% off at DSW from the likes of Tahari, Versace and Steve Madden Luxe. I've also purchased great leather gloves from Daffy's.

2. Vintage Shopping: Starving student, I know you personally hence you'll remember the trips we made to vintage stores in The Village together in High School. vintage stores are the perfect place to stock up on one of a kind items that no one in your Art History class will be donning. I love to buy accessories from vintage shops especially big bold sunglasses and strands of pearls because these things will never go out of style. Pair the accessories on a clean slate (White tee with Jeans; Little black dress; etc) and believe me you'll look incredible. I also love vintage shops for their extensive collection of boho boots! My favorite vintage shops are Screaming Mimi's and Resurrection.

3. High Street Low Price: I, like many adore H&M and Zara in SoHo. They take their looks right off the runway. The quality isn't so great but at these prices who cares?

Now those are some of my shopping tid bits but may I suggest you learn from the French:

  • Why do you think the French look fabulous all the time? It's because they are wearing the same designer outfit everyday. The French know that if you got it, you should flaunt it. Now I'm not telling you to spend your tuition money on a Dolce & Gabbana get up here but what I a trying to tell you is, Less is More. When you have less pieces in your wardrobe but you love every single piece, you will love getting dressed in the morning. Why? Because since you love everything in your closet will have a distinct flavor and your essence. Eventually if you buy everything based on what you adore you will have a cohesive closet. So donate anything that is not representing who you are.

    The French know that you should never wear synthetic fabrics. Say no to polyester. If you can't afford cashmere go for merino wool.

  • The Power of Black is resonant in Paris and New York. It's one of my favorite colors along with white but to be honest there is no other color that can scream sleek, luxe and sophistication more than black. I build my wardrobe on black and then just pile on the colorful and bold accessories. If you do not want to be one with the dead then build your wardrobe on a selection of colors that look great on you. Read Basics of Le Mode for more help.

Happy shopping. xoxo Mimi

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