Monday, December 3

Haute Mimi's Reccomended E-zine Reading List

"As a reader, I was getting bored with fashion magazines and felt like they just weren't getting it right. Either the articles were clichè or the styling and photographs seemed geared toward what men would find sexy. I wanted a place that would appeal to a woman’s ideal of attractiveness and where women with an interest in fashion could go to find great styles, gorgeous pictures, and read relatable content."

- Ingrid Skousgard Cordeiro, Editor-in-Chief

Chictoday signals a new concept in lifestyle, fashion, and pop culture as a comprehensive lifestyle management resource and the aim to become the definitive destination for the affluent online trend-setter community. Chictoday is for both men and women, and provides an unrivalled environment for the fashion industry's most creative and respected photographers, stylists, writers, designers, artists and creative minds. The combination between stunning and elegant design with innovative editorial information; compelling contents; interactive and daily up-to-date fashion, social and lifestyle news, also available to discuss in the forum, all beautifully packaged to offer a fully entertaining experience online.
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Words cannot describe how stylish and fun this online magazine is. Every page is filled with glamour and modern fashion. It truly is a feast for the eyes, mind, and spirit. Get your fashion fix! You will not regret it.

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