Friday, December 14

Beauty Product Review of the Week: Bespoke Labs T3 Blow Dryer

Ladies, forget winter blow dryer blow out! This hairdryer is your swanky little dream come true! Forget those $20 so called good dryers from your local "evil" chain store. Go out, invest some of your hard earned cash (that is truly yours and you should indulge in that now and again), and go get something that is useful, cute, and actually healthy. This small appliance is a god-send, and will make all of your hairy dilemmas be a thing of the past! I'm so glad I purchased this because I'm trying to let my hair grow long again, and I want it to be as healthy as possible.

Tip: Don't pull your hair too hard when drying, and use gentle rounding strokes with your round brush. This will prevent split ends, and the loss of your precious locks.

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