Thursday, January 10

Can you handle this Mission?

Contributed by Therese Quiao

Every woman has fantasized about being the leading lady in a James Bond movie. There’s that undeniable lure of car chases, romance, and don’t forget the fabulous wardrobe. Don’t think you’re ready to take on the challenge? The clothing in Mischen’s Spring 2008 collection will make you feel ready to take on any role. Whether you’re the girlfriend, the wife, or single, your grand entrance will not only turn heads, it will break necks.

Mischen translates to “mix” in German. In fact, mixing is the essential philosophy behind the brand. Designer Carla Knapp has an eclectic edge that is emphasized in her collection. She used romantic and fresh hues like aubergine, yellow, and pink, as well as a myriad of delicate and luxurious fabrics. From stunning accordion dresses, to silk slips, and lace chemises, this collection should not be missed.

Don’t forget to smile for the paparazzi. They might just confuse you with someone else.

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