Thursday, January 10

Katy Rodriguez Designs

Contributed By Therese Quiao

Do you remember being a little girl and being so in love with a dress that you didn’t want to take it off? In spite of your mother’s wishes you’d parade in it all day pretending to be princess waiting for her prince, or a starlet ready for her close-up. That’s the kind of feeling one gets when she wears a dress designed by Katy Rodriguez. The Spring 2008 collection is filled with retro, vintage inspired pieces that would make anyone feel like a glamazon. Rodriguez used splashes of bold color from Venetian red, to Ultramarine blue, and British Racing green. She also incorporated fun, flirty polka dots. In the collection, there are various tweed suit pieces that would make Jackie O. proud. Also, there are a few dresses that are reminiscent of classic Hollywood. Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

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