Wednesday, January 30

Interview with Danielle Vincent of Kimiko Beauty

Last week we gave you the inside scoop on the fantastic and brand new beauty line Kimiko (which by the way is available on Vivre now) and now we're giving you the inside scoop on the gorgeous Danielle Vincent, founder of Kimiko beauty. She's a beauty insider, makeup artist and a diva with impeccable taste. Here's what Danielle spilled to HM. (Steal her tips to stay stunning)
HM: Describe your style in one word.
DV: Easy.

HM: What is your best-kept beauty secret?
DV: Proper sleep – your skin and your eyes always look best and brightest after a good night’s rest.

HM: Where is your favorite place to shop for beauty products?
DV: I prefer boutique shops. I enjoy the thrill of discovering rarities; a beautiful one-of-a-kind makeup bag, or a unique perfume that I know isn’t widely available.

HM: Who is your style icon?
DV: Style is very personal, with inspiration drawn from so many different places and even specific moments. I do appreciate Grace Kelly’s timeless and easy elegance.

HM: What is the biggest mistake a woman can make when putting on make-up?
DV: Everyday makeup is meant to enhance, not create a made-up look, so the key is to blend well. Protect the skin with a broad spectrum SPF before beginning the makeup application. Focus on blending, so the result is enhancement rather than distraction.

HM: What is one lesson you are grateful for learning throughout your career in the beauty industry?
DV: Envision your goals and take smalls steps towards them every day. These small steps are what make big dreams a reality.

HM: What advice would you give to young beauty industry professionals trying to make their fame?
DV: Trust you instincts, be bold and do what you love.

HM: If you could give women a beauty tip to always look fabulous what would it be?
DV: Be comfortable in your own skin. Self-esteem shows a woman’s true beauty. (and when you’re running out that door to take on the world, a fabulous eye-opening mascara never hurt either!)

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