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Interview with Shahnaz Hughson of Bombay Gal Boutique

Indian Rugs, Ganesh Murals and Moroccan tiles gives this Historic Downtown Atlanta Shop an exotic, opulent feel. Boutique Owner Shahnaz Hughson opened Bombay Gal to sell pieces that embody everything a working woman, a mother and a wife would want to wear. New to her 30's, she noticed a void in the market for women transitioning from their 20's into their 30's.

Shahnaz has her own designed collection. The pieces are a celebration of color and texture culminating into a collection that is irresistible. Inspired by culture and color from all over the world, from casual wear to sophisticated evening wear. The pieces are made from semi precious stones and materials such as brass, enamel, wood and resin. These are handpicked, each material from destinations from all over the world to create these beautiful designs by hand.

Interview with Owner Shahnaz Hughson:

HM: What inspired you want to start a boutique?
My Love for fashion, and the idea of contributing to the world of Fashion.

HM: What do you look for in clothing companies when buying?
I look for pieces that woman can wear several ways. Having a few different looks makes me feel like my money is well spent.

HM: What are your best sellers?
Our Jewelry.

HM: Who is your typical customer?
A working woman, a mother, a wife etc….women that are not fearful of embracing new looks and styles.

HM: What sets your boutique apart from the others in your area?
My Boutique features items and styles from all over the world, brought back from my travels of exotic foreign lands. I have designers from Cuba, Brazil, India, Peru, Nepal etc. This is what sets us apart. Also, the fact that you can find the most unique pieces in an exotic setting for affordable prices.

HM: Georgia’s boutique culture is growing rapidly. What do you think is the cause of this new boom?
I feel that a lot of young, ambitious, confident people are moving to Georgia. I also feel that Georgia is kind of an untapped state. This is great because we feel like we can bring our ideas and our creations, and not feel overwhelmed with the competition. I feel that previously we were a very trendy state….where malls and shopping centers were the place to go. Now, with cute boutiques and specialty shops popping up, we are really mixing things up and adding to the flavor.

HM: Are there any distinct favorites among women in Atlanta and the surrounding areas such as a special style or accessory piece?
I think personally we are big on Accessories in general. Big bags, big bold jewelry the more the better is truly what we believe. Also Vintage is huge here.

HM: What’s new at Bombay Gal?
Right now the new jewelry collection. I just debuted it in the store last week for spring and summer…using great Antique Indian beads and enamel. The collection is very Bohemian, earthy, eclectic, as well as affordable.

HM: What is the main emotion the customer should feel when walking into Bombay Gal?
That they are in some Exotic, Foreign Country.

HM: What are your plans for the future?
The plans for the store are to have a few more stores maybe in Mexico, New York and Miami. And for the Jewelry collection I would like to wholesale my creations so you can get Bombay Gal designs in your state no matter where you are.

HM: If you could give advice to women who are thinking about starting a boutique what would it be?
Besides knowing your customer, I think it is very important to have a theme. Personally, I think this is what sets us apart from all the rest. Anyone can open a boutique and have clothes in it….make it a story. Make it an experience people will not forget. Whether it is through customer service or through the unique items in the store. Give it your best…..I guarantee it will be successful.

Bombay Gal Boutique
238 Auburn Ave
Atlanta, GA 30303

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