Friday, February 1

Interview With Designer Yoana Baraschi

Yoana Baraschi is the type of woman you envy. Statuesque, Intelligent and the dynamic designer behind the self titled Yoana Baraschi line. Yoana's creations offer what every woman desires. Femininity, glamour, and a bit of the whimsical tied tigether with sophistcation. With twenty years of experience in design, Yoana has a keen eye for style as well as a woman's dress sense in mind. Every dress by Yoana is powerful in it's own way as well as timeless. I caught up with Yoana in her showroom to get a sneak peek of her Fall 2008 collection and to also get her take on fashion and style.
HM: What are your three favorite fibers or textiles to work with?
Silk , cotton and metal.

HM: What is your fashion philosophy?
Fashion is a magical transformative art at its best. It is about individuality, personal style ,allure and power of expression.

HM: What are some of the first things you think of when you start to create a design?
YB: 1)If it will be flattering on women of different body types ,making them look attractive, slimmer ,sexier and smart all at the same time and regardless of age. 2)If the design has an strong element of newness and hip angle. 3)With whom I am going to work with to produce the best garment that maintains its integrity.

HM: Speaking of your fashion designs, are you working on or thinking of anything new and innovative for the future?
I'm thinking of how to streamline a chain of manufacturing in which everybody involved is passionate and or happy with their work ,where every step of the process is done with love and dignity.I strongly believe that the way in which clothes are produced has an effect on the wearer.

HM: Do you personally have any favorite types of designs that you love to wear?
For my daily work in the design studio ,I love platforms ,jeans that make your legs a mile long ,simple tee shirts with good necklines and massive vintage gold bracelets

HM: Do you believe that any woman of any size can look sexy and glamorous?
YES!!!! It is all about attitude, confidence, great posture and body language. The right clothes are wonderful tools for this.

HM: What do you hate seeing on a woman's body?

HM: Do you have a favorite fashion icon?
Many : Sophia Loren in the 50's and 60's, Liz Taylor in the 60's and 70's especially in Cleopatra ,Julie Christie in the 70's,Brigitte Bardot in God Created The Woman ,Bond girls ,Ditta von Tesse.

HM: What is your favorite type of dress to create?
A fun ,sexy ,whimsical, timeless party dress ,what I call a casual cocktail ultimate. A girl cannot resist something as tempting and light hearted as candy.

HM: What kind of woman wears your designs?
All kinds especially women who love being women and have fun dressing the part.

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