Friday, February 1

For the Love of Black

Contributed by Gabriel Wood

Emporio Armani Autumn 2008

I used to frown upon the grunge look in menswear, and especially "Goths". My problem did not lie in the genre of music but of the dress code to which it relates to men. Oh how I loathed the colour black when used solely from head to toe. I had a somewhat ignorant perception of how it should be used. I always thought patriot black should only be worn by funeral directors and by the Federal Bureau of Investigations. But of recent, I’ve had a vogue premonition for the use of this bottomless shade.

To learn about something, you must first observe it.

To understand something is to accept it for what it is, and this would prove quite an obstacle for me. I, firstly, had to research on the whereabouts of these colour, abusers but that wasn’t too difficult as there is a huge colony in Camden market (UK). Oh wow, what a culture shock! I have never seen so much of the same shade. After about half an hour, I wondered whether I would see any sense in this entire skeptical but, as the sun dimmed the shop fronts and quietened the Camden high street, I saw something I didn’t think I would ever see. Undisturbed and understated unity. There I was, utterly convinced that normal people dressed with coordinating colour and vibrancy, but I was wrong. I saw elements of red, shades of purple and other colours hidden in purposely placed accessories. Six inch metal bound platforms and neo-like trench coats are yet to be desired and I realized that by carefully placing hints of colour into an all black outfit, one can pull off a very good look. I decided to make a stop at the UNIQLO store in the heart of trendy Wimbledon, and purchased a black turtle neck jumper and some cream F-TROUPE smart trainers from Topman. I also purchased a black pair of slim cut jeans from Topman plus a black fitted suit blazer. I tried the outfit out as soon as I got home and to my delight it looked good. Who would of thought that the nipple piercing social rejects would be the base of inspiration. I find myself always wearing black, furthermore delighting my bank account with purchases pertaining to my new interest.

"Solid colours worn from head to toe can be good, as long as you coordinate it well with other elements."

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