Friday, January 25

Kimiko Beauty

I'll admit it, I was in a major beauty rut (as most of you reading are probably in as well) Bobbi Brown for the face, Longo for the lips, Dior for the eyes. I realized that I had the same look, every day and every night so I decided to do something about it and try something completely new. My search for a new beauty routine led me to the fabulous Kimiko line. Now, let me be very clear here. I don't fall in love easily, but I fell madly in love with Kimiko. Kimiko is fast becoming the go to beauty line of make-up artists and women like myself who want cosmetics packed with quality as well as the latest in technology. Kimiko was created by the gorgeous beauty expert and makeup artiste Danielle Vincent, who has done extensive research on new ingredients and techniques. Kimiko promises to bring you "beauty beyond today."

My favorite products from Kimiko include the Lip Plumper in "Sweet Plum" (which leaves your lips the perfect shade of raspberry and pumps them up into a luscious dream) and the Kimiko Uplifing Blush in "Golden Giesha" (which is perfect for quick touch-ups without the mess and will leave you looking as if you spent the day in St. Tropez). The whole line is sheer luxury. Application is smooth and flawless. Your makeup will last for hours. Discover my new beauty secret, Kimiko, and be prepared to fall in love. -Mimi

Available online at and at Takashimaya- New York 693 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10022 Phone: 1-800-753-2038, 1-212-350-0100 Between 54th and 55th Street, on the east side of Fifth Avenue

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