Saturday, January 12

Love Always, Mimi

Hello all you gorgeous people,

We've come a long way from where we've started. Believe it or not, HM started as a food blog which transformed itself into my personal online style journal. As more people discovered Haute Mimi I became more passionate about spilling my fashion savvy and eventually met Jillian, my right hand fashionista and backbone. Let's just say the rest is history and we've stayed true to what we wanted Haute Mimi to always be. Fabulous. Intelligent. Exotic. Most of all, classy.

Today, we have a fantastic staff of five. Everyone brings something different to the table. What keeps us together is our infinite love for fashion. HM is a dream hobby for us and we hope you enjoy reading our articles as much as we enjoy bringing our favorite designers and products on a daily basis. No, we don't exactly sit at our computers all day, we have school, households, cute parrots and even cuter kids to look after. HM gives us the opportunity to do what we love and share it with you. So welcome all our new fabulous readers. xx M

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