Sunday, January 13

Spring Fashion

To My Dear Glamoristas and Fashionistes,

Spring is always fun, whimsical, and brings memories of laughter and joy to mind. Keep yourself in this flawless mood my dressing that way. Transitional pieces such as cotton trench coats and cardigans in soft hues can go a long way, even into Summer. Do not be threatened by texture this season. Just because it isn't satin or silk doesn't mean women can't wear it. Keep it tastefully feminine with soft details such as brocade with lame' or tweed with silk charmeuse. Your color palette should be fresh and airy, or monochromatic. Keep things simple and dainty (but make sure to stay true to yourself and what you love) and your personality will exude the same.
P.S. There is a new addition to Haute Mimi: our latest fashion endeavor and new web log called Latin Glamorista. This blog is dedicated to the spicy, sexy and stylish Latinas y Latinos! Please check back for updates!

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