Friday, February 29

The Biggest Fleur’t

Hello cheeky lady! Every girl needs to embrace her inner goddess. No wardrobe is complete without an arsenal filled with weapons of mass seduction. Lingerie is the ultimate confidence booster. Since we all don’t live it up in the Moulin Rouge, women occasionally need a break from the traditional sex kitten lingerie. Fleur’t lingerie is comfortable, cute, and classy. It’s not your conventional lingerie; rather it entertains the needs of the women who wear it. It’s perfect to lounge in, yet alluring enough to feel sexy in. The camisoles designed by Nancy Yoo are so versatile… you’ll live in them. The peek-a-boo lace is irresistible and the fabric is soft and inviting. Don’t forget to check out the matching boy shorts. They come in fun and fabulous colors that will satisfy any mood. Your significant other will adore the sheer, lacy thongs as much as you will. It’s time to trade in your hanky panky panties, and get your Fleur’t on . It’s more than a bare necessity.

-Therese Quiao

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