Friday, February 29

An Infamous Beauty Ritual

Beauty is pain, and pain is vain. That old adage has coursed my mind ever since I was a little girl. But how far will you go to feel sexy? The notorious Brazilian wax has attracted millions of women throughout the globe. After hibernating all winter, I needed to thaw myself and experience a spring awakening. Out of curiosity, I decided to book an appointment at my local Aveda spa. Twenty minutes and $75 later, I was relieved and happy with the results. Gwyneth Paltrow once said that the Brazilian wax changed her life. I totally agree.

For those brave women out there who want to experience this, here are some pointers. Do some research before you book your appointment. Spas have different rates, which can range anywhere from $20 to $75. It would be wise to ask your girlfriends if they can refer you to an experienced aesthetician. Also, ask the spa what kind of wax they use. Hard wax is better than strip wax because it grabs onto the hair not the skin. Make sure that your hair is the right length before you get it waxed, about ¼ of an inch is perfect for optimal results. Mentally prepare yourself, but also take two Advil a half hour before your appointment. Try to avoid aspirin because it’s a blood thinner. During your appointment, don’t forget to breathe. It’s kind of like going to the gynecologist, it’s awkward at first, but remember that your aesthetician is a professional who has many daily appointments. Decide whether you want a landing strip or want to go all out before you get there. Some women opt for designs like hearts, lightning bolts, or initials. Don’t forget to get your aesthetician’s business card so you can book your next appointment with the same person. You’ll be able to enjoy your results for four to six weeks, but don’t forget to use a loofah to exfoliate and prevent ingrown hairs. Even though the Brazilian wax isn’t for everyone, it’s absolutely addicting. Trust me, you won’t be the only one who falls in love with the results.

-Therese Quiao

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