Tuesday, February 19

The Haute Bachelor's Bedroom

Inviting a girl over can be fun, intimidating, and nerve wracking all at the same time. Here are some tips to make the "event" run smoothly. Turn any girl on with your manly sense of style.

Vacuum your carpet or sweep and mop your floor. Yes, we do look down there. Oh, and please dust off the bunnies. Dirty carpets and dust covered fans are so unromantic.

Change your sheets, and do it often. There is nothing more disgusting than a sock-me-in-the-eye stain smack dab in the middle of your bed.

Pick up your clothing off of the floor. It shows you care about your things, which means you care about yourself.

Organize your "guy stuff" such as remote controls, books, and magazines. Keep the dirty magazines out of sight. Turn your bed into a storage machine, using the space underneath as storage. Contain collectables, books, and even sweaters under it, but keep them in covered containers.

Utilize a smart catch all tray on your dresser to keep smaller items under control, and within quick reach.
Put a charging station on your night stand for your smaller electronics.

Buy functional furniture, such as an ottoman with a top that can be removed, so you can make use of the inner space for storage. Of course this ottoman will probably be doubled as a chair when your friends come over, so make sure it is easily cleaned with regular household cleaners. We all know how rowdy guys can get when they hang out together.

You know how women should always have something cooking in the oven when a guy comes over? Well the same thing applies to men. Women love it when men cook for them. Learn an easy and tasty new recipe. Have fun with it and make it your own. She will greatly appreciate it.

Overall, make it a fun occasion. A great attitude and a smile will go a long way in catching a woman's affection and their heart. A masculine, modern, and inviting bedroom will make your efforts that much easier.

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