Tuesday, February 26

Inexpensive Quality

Inexpensive buying tactics are easy to achieve. Opt for quality fabrics such as cotton, silk and wool. Compare these to nylon, polyester and other synthetics. Some quality textiles are machine washable and some can be easily dried either laid flat, or hung. Pay attention to details such as seams and button styles. Are the buttons easy or difficult to fasten? Does the zipper close all the way, or does it easily get cought on the fabric? Another important issue are hemlines. Where do they fall on your arms, legs, waist? Are they practical for your body type? If you have any question, either buy a different size or choose an alternate, yet similar label with designs you are attracted to. Always shop with your heart, and never just by someone else's opinion. Stay true to yourself and try to keep your shopping experiences positive, because it will show when you wear that outfit outside of the store.

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