Saturday, February 2

With Love, Mimi

We're feeling the love this month on Haute Mimi! Be prepared to see lots of interviews with industry elite who are doing what they love, Valentine's day gifts to make them swoon, and lots of pink. What do I love? It's quite obvious.

Many people will ask me, Mimi why in the world are you studying pharmacy and not fashion if you love it so much? It's because pharmacy really makes me appreciate fashion even more. It may sound delirious but it's quite simple. Medicine is priceless. It's treatment to some, hope for most and life for others. I'm a very curious person who's thirsty for knowledge and medicine is not my forte (yet) making it very attractive to me. I also feel like there's no other pleasure in life than healing someone and being the reason why they smile.

With that said, when I switch gears back into fashion mode, I'm at home. There's glamour, spontaneity, fantasy and most of all passion in this industry. It's where ideas and dreams become tangible. It's where you can transform yourself into something new everyday. It's where I belong and always will belong. I'm already in this industry. I would think that once I learn the mechanics of it all, I would be disenchanted and writing would feel more like a chore. Fashion is my life. I live it. I breathe it. I love it. I don't think any fashion degree will give you that sense of belonging.

What do you love? xx Mimi

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