Saturday, March 1

I found handbag heaven, Shop Suey Boutique

Looking totally put together requires a versatile handbag that looks great and can hold everything you need all at once. It's hard to find great handbags today that look stylish without breaking the bank (yes we read our e-mails and we found this just for you working divas) but Shop Suey is a great place for affordable handbags and accessories. They have been featured in some of my favorite magazines like O and Lucky and their bags are amazingly sustainable. I love the owner of Shop Suey, Heather's, great eye for design. She edits her handbags well and only stocks up with the hottest deigns that will still be in two seasons from now. We recommend the great totes Shop Suey has to offer. You can keep your crackberry, emergency flip-flops, Perrier, furry friend, or whatever else you may need safe and sound in these totes that manage to hold strong. Plus with a wide selection of handbags you will have the perfect bag to add to all those perfect outfits. Now how perfect is that? -M.M.

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