Thursday, March 6

Designer Watch: Chris Benz Spring/Summer 2008

Benz. That word usually provokes feelings of lust for a certain European sports car. However, a slip into a Chris Benz number will inspire the same feelings of luxury. The Benz girl is a quintessential prep with unwavering taste and boldness. With perfect tailoring and layers, Benz combines a roguish, tomboy-like charm with a subtle femininity. His designs are like an orchestrated contradiction: classic yet innovative, the embodiment of both vintage and nouveau chic. Chris Benz worked at Marc Jacobs, but soon found his own niche in the world of fashion. This up and coming designer has the potential to rock the runway, and remain a staple for years to come.

The spring/summer 2008 fashion collection is filled with striking neon colors that will surely make a statement. Benz has redefined the meaning of luxury sportswear by adding the element of elegance. His work is fluid, timeless, and unstudied. Don’t forget to pack a Benz ensemble on your next getaway. Whether you’re in the Hamptons or South Beach, you’ll make it unforgettable.

-Therese Quiao

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