Friday, March 21

La Vie Boheme

Like history, it is the inevitable fate of fashion to repeat itself. Flower children rejoice: this season, hippie and boho-chic style has re-entered the fashion forefront. Designers from Giorgio Armani to Etro to Roberto Cavalli are embracing the trend and filling their runways with patterned, floor-length dresses, billowy, off-the-shoulder tops, low-slung suede belts, and fringed bags and tunics. Color palettes in the spring shows ranged from earthy nudes and clays to soft lilacs and deep plums. With these classically tailored and beautifully feminine styles, you can wear them and look glamorous and professional (not like Mary Kate Olsen on a Starbucks run).

By adding a few fringed accents and suede accessories to your work-day outfit, you can modernize your everyday look without feeling like a walking product of the '60's. This is the advent of combining working woman with hippie chick.Sue Stemp's and Balmain's interpretation of bohemian evening wear is absolutely stunning. The draped necks and warm colors are effortlessly sexy. Substituting an ankle-length Yaya Aflalo dress (, complimented with a Ruehl handbag (, works perfectly.
-Emmy Feldman

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