Friday, March 21

The Perfect Bag for Spring into Summer

"Virtue" clutch in Rust

"Explorer" shoulder bag in Armour

Impeccably designed bags from the Kaia Peterka label. These are from the Spring/Summer 2008 collection. I love the intricate detail of the Armour leather selection. The Rust leather selection is truly unique, and exquistely modern.


Kaia Peterka Handbags

HM: What kind of woman wears your bags and/or who is your target consumer?
KP: The women who wear my bags are women on the go. They need chic, versatile bags to get them through busy days (and nights), and they want to look effortlessly glamorous as they do it.

HM: What is your philosophy on design?
KP: My design philosophy revolves around the idea that sometimes simple can be better. By focusing on clean lines and simple shapes, the fine details and materials become more central. This clean approach also allows me to eliminate superfluous weight that often makes bags a burden to carry. Each piece is meant to be both timeless and modern, something a woman can wear for years to come and always be in fashion.

HM: What is the main function for your bags? Are they more functional or more pleasing to the eye, or both?
KP: It is essential to me that designs are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Why choose one when you can have both?

HM: Do you have a personal favorite design that you created?
KP: My favorite design so far is Suspenseful. It is the perfect combination of the features I try to put into every design and the result is a very unique bag. It holds a lot if you need it to, more than one might imagine at first glance. The suspended strap construction allows the bag to cinch, but whether nearly empty or full, it retains its great shape.

HM: Are there any new and innovative ideas or concepts you are working on?
KP: The collection I’m working on for Fall 2008 is inspired by the Medieval spirit. Considering beauty against the backdrop of war, the bags mix hard and soft, strength and vulnerability. It is a little different than the concepts I have worked on to this point, and I am very excited about its release.

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