Friday, April 4

Beautiful & Lush Skin Courtesy of AMBI

No matter what you wear, rich, moisturized skin is a must. If you're a woman of color like myself, you need a little extra TLC. I trust AMBI to keep me well moisturized. AMBI skincare is formulated especially for women of color and delivers smooth even skin. I've been a fan of AMBI for the past 3 years and love the way my skin stays moisturized for hours. AMBI products have also helped my skin stay even and silky smooth. I currently use the AMBI Body soft and even line.

I use the AMBI fade cream every night as recommended by my derma. If you have dark skin you know how annoying hyper-pigmentation can be. This cream helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots, and it works. Cosmetics guru, Shalini Vadhera suggests you wear sunscreen during the day to help protect hyper-pigmented skin from harmful rays that can make them even darker.

I also love love love the stretch mark diminishing oil. It's great for reducing the look of stretch marks. The key to getting great skin is staying hydrated. AMBI will take care of the outside hydration but make sure you drink lots of water. Water is nature's beauty secret and you should take advantage of it. Find AMBI products at your local drugstore.

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