Friday, April 4

Party Perfect Make Up

The Diva. Pairing dramatic eyes with pale lips is one of the most sought after retro looks. It's especially enticing when you change your eye color for the night with colored contacts and finish with one or two layers of fake lashes. The smoky eye in an unexpected color like ultra violet, silver or aqua might also be a great way to make this look ultra modern. As far as lipstick goes stick with your natural lip color but go one shade brighter.

The Vixen. Dare to wear red? Wearing red can instantly make you look and feel sexier and will definitely make you stand out in a room. If you're new to red lips instead of using a lip brush dab on color with your finger tips for a pretty stain. Remember to also find a shade that compliments your skin tone. If your skin has blue undertones look for cool reds and warm reds are best for those with golden and yellow undertones. Also don't go bare on the eyes just because you think the lips are dramatic enough on their own. You need to balance out the red lips with a few coats of mascara, a thin line of black liner (wing optional) and a base eyeshadow in a pretty shimmery champagne.

The Princess. I love pink lips. Haute pink lips are my signature and always will be. Hot pink lips are complimentary on all skin tones and look groegous with a tan. To complete the look use a pretty pink blush and shimmery pink eye shadow for a sweeter than sugar look that no one will be able to resist. Don't forget the msacara. Actually never forget the mascara. Big event or not.

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