Thursday, April 17

Credit, Debit, Cash: Cocktail Dresses For Every Budget

The cocktail party that your next promotion depends on is only a few nights away and you're freaking out. This is the night to impress and you need to go all out. Think of it as an investment. Gold dress by Alberta Ferretti, Black by de la Renta, both available at Net-A-Porter

You're on the prowl for a P.H. and you you need a cocktail dress that will break necks. It's okay to spend a little more than usual here especially since these dresses keep on giving. These Bond girl worthy dresses can be found at Intermix.

You have a million invites and do not want to rely on that Herve number you spent last month's rent on for every occasion? So what's a girl to do? Go to Forever 21 of course. Now I know what you're thinking. Bad quality, too young, too bright. But really if this dress is going to last one night, there is no time for any loose threads or dry cleaning bills. Also at this price it's okay to take a risk and go for something way out of your element. These two dresses were my top picks from the new Spring line at FOREVER21. Obviously they're both very understated but yet extremely elegant and glamorous.

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