Friday, April 18

Fabulous Fendi and Fur

When you look around a shopping mall or flip through a sexy Vogue magazine, Fendi will always pass your fascinated eyes. "1918 - Adele Fendi establishes a fur business in Rome, which in time will acquire world wide recognition for its innovative treatment of pelts and their imaginative fashioning. In 1978 the already famous Fendi fur company, now run by Adele's five daughters, presents its first collection of prét-à-porter designed by Karl Lagerfeld." source

Here are a couple beautiful ensembles Fendi is known for:

A Million Bucks-

Fendi Trendi-

Chic and Sleek-

Out to Work -

The Cocktail Lover-

Club Hoppin' -

In the Nude -

Society Queen -

Dinner at Dolce -

"Whatever one's personal beliefs regarding the wearing of animal furs, the partnership of Karl Lagerfeld and Fendi undoubtedly broke barriers in the field of fur design. In Italy, fur sales have continued to constitute a major part of the company's business—where the Fendi sisters claim to have changed the age-old tradition of fur as being a status symbol to being a covetable high-fashion garment." source

Fendi facinates as they go wild with color and design elements to make a unique product for the most discerning tastes. Fendi is sharp and smart, just how I like it.

-Jeani Steal

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