Saturday, April 12

Extravagance in the Middle East

Image courtesy of Reinn.

When most people think of the biggest shopping, tourist-touted locales in the world, cities such as New York, Paris, and Milan are frequent choices. However, Dubai, a city of United Arab Emirates, is becoming one of the most fashion-savvy, couture conscious places in the world!

Dubai is the home to one of the world’s largest malls, the Mall of the Emirates that feature over 400 designer shops from Burberry to DKNY. However, what keeps Dubai one of the most popular destination stops for the style-savvy is the annual shopping festival! But this festival is no street fair though- it’s major! So major that over 3.3 million people visited during 2005’s festival (spending over one billion dollars combined!), and each year, the numbers only continue to rise. Not to mention that the event, which features giveaways like solid gold and Lexus cars, lasts for twenty-three days each year!
-Jillian Bietz

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