Friday, April 4

Keeping Sane during those Special Occasions

Special occasions, such as weddings, sweet sixteens, and anniversary parties can be nerve wracking. Keep your cool with these amazing tips:

-You know how much sleep your body needs, so get a good rest the night before. If you have time, get in a few hours rest right before the event. This will keep you refreshed and make your face look bright.

-Use eye makeup remover the day of the event. There's no sense in having raccoon eyes or any excess darkness dragging your look down.

-Keep makeup carefree and simple. This doesn't mean you have to be un-dramatic or look bare. Choose key elements such as a dark eye liner, fabulous creamy and thick lipstick, and a luxury mascara. You may even want to wear false lashes for extra drama, but the trick is to not have to re-apply your makeup every hour. Seek out extra long lasting cosmetics for this night.

-Wear something flattering and comfortable, without sacrificing style. If you need to have something tailored, plan ahead of time.

-Find cute but comfortable heels. I cannot stress this enough. It is bad enough you will be on your feet for hours, so why not do yourself a huge favor and wear beautiful yet sole soothing stilettos. One brand I know of that will do the job is Caparros. These are the most comfortable dressy shoes I've ever purchased. Note: Do not turn yourself into a "fashion don't" and take your shoes off during the event. This is so tacky and unattractive!

-Try your best to relax. Most guests at the event will not remember the small details you are stressing over. They will, however, remember your attitude and the time they spend with the hostess and guests of honor. Keep your cool and have fun, as best as you can.

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