Thursday, April 17

The Puzzling Question: What tie should I wear, and with what shirt?

Pocket squares are essential as well. The square featured in this image, designed by Love & Eight for Lexus, is Minerale, created with volcanic minerals and is fast drying. The square is inspired by Lexus hybrid vehicles.

Some men find it burdening and simply difficult to decide on what tie to wear, with what shirt. Personally, I get really annoyed when my husband asks me what tie he should wear. However, I understand he trusts my opinion, so I oblige. Check out Express's shirt and tie guide. It is an interactive web page in which you can see how different shirts look with different ties. The patterns and colors are in trend, and are perfect for the office as well. Use this for inspiration for your favorite dress shirt and tie brands.

Need more ideas? This tie article, written by Amanda Brooks, is a perfect choice. Ties are classic and will always be a fashions staple in men's wardrobes.

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