Wednesday, May 14

STATION -New York City's premiere fitness studio

A few weeks ago, I headed over to the Meatpacking district to get a glimpse of the new boutique gym, Station. I was taken aback by the amazing interior just as much as I was from the individual attention from trainers and staff. I later found out that elite models like Tyra Banks and other celeb clientele work out at station in sheer luxury and most of all privacy. Station specializes in total body vibration training (you do all the moves on a vibration plate) using POWER PLATE technology which is already very trendy in Europe, can not only dramatically shortens the amount of time required to maintain a healthy lifestyle (30 minutes per day 3 times a week) but you will ultimately feel and look better.

The Benefits of Vibration Training:
  • Increases endurance and energy, while reducing stress levels
  • Improves coordination, stability, flexibility and balance
  • Accelerates fat loss and increases metabolism
  • Exercises become up to 100% of muscle fibers, as opposed to 40% in a traditional workout routine
Believe me girls, after a few seconds on the vibration plate, I felt it! They also offer conventional equipment for all of you treadmill queens. Station is definitely revolutionizing the fitness world especially here in new York. You have to see it and also try it to believe it. Oh and by the way, did you see the locker room? Now that's haute. Reserve your space today.
675 Hudson Street, 3rd Floor
Meatpacking District

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