Wednesday, May 14

Strong and Beautiful Ojon Hair

Day after day I damage my hair with heat from my blow dryer and hair straightening iron. I can't help it, I just love long smooth hair. However, I like soft hair too, so when I found Ojon, my wishes came true. This product has been really helping my hair to have little to no breakage, and has been giving it that extra luster I love.

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It smells great and gives limp hair a lot of volume and body. This is perfect for midday when you want more volume, and it really leaves your hair looking like you just left the salon. I have medium thickness and wavy brunette hair. My hair can straighten easily and curl easily. My hair is not that dry, but not completely supple either. This product is perfect for my type of hair. It removes any unwanted odors and makes my hair feel lively and fresh. When used properly, this product can work wonders.
Pros: Makes hair smell fabulous and gives lots of full bounce.
Cons: The bottle isn't big enough! I want more!!!
This is a fresh, tropical scented hairspray that has just the right amount of tacky hold when it is still wet, and as it dries becomes less tacky and manageable. It offers volume and body with hold for a beautiful finish.
Pros: A little goes a long way with this product. This spray can be used for body building as well.
Cons: It can start to flake if you spray too much in one section. Make sure to hold can far away from hair, and spray evenly.

This product completely nurtures the scalp and the entire length of your hair. It's natural ingredients are so soothing, and remind me of the tropics. This would be the product of choice to purchase if you could only afford to get one.
Pros: Stronger, healthier hair, nails, cuticles, and scalp, when you use it right. It completely washes out. Your hair is not oily or weighed down after you wash this product out. It ends up being soft and smooth, with volume.
Cons: Strong smoky ash and slightly nutty scent (but really, who cares when you are getting beautiful results? I know I don't).

To learn more about Ojon "wild crafted beauty" products, visit their website. When you purchase Ojon hair products, be assured that you are contributing to a good cause. Each purchase helps "to feed and educate the people of Mosquitia, allowing them to preserve their way of life and their precious rain forests for the benefit of us all." La Mosquitia covers the eastern coast of Honduras and Nicaragua.

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