Friday, June 20

Be A Domestic Goddess In Carolyn's Kitchen

Divas, you know there's a domestic goddess in there somewhere. Why not discover your passion for cooking and cleaning in these fabulous aprons and gloves by Carolyn's Kitchen? The moment you slip into one of these fabulous aprons you will feel like cooking everyday! With quirky and fun prints there's one for everyone.

As for the gloves, Oh, how I would love to show up at the doorstep of any woman in my family with a pair of these completely fun gloves on! They are definitely attention grabbers and always put a smile on people's faces. They are constructed perfectly, thick plastic lined with fabric, and solid stitching attaches the fur cuff. This product will last for years. I almost do not want to use them because they are so pretty. Remember there are no desperate housewives in Carolyn's kitchen!

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