Thursday, June 19

Casual Luxury featuring Royal Plush

Glamorous active wear is hard to come by but I found a company that fits the bill. Royal Plush is a new lounge/active wear company that caters to stylish yet luxurious tastes. Royal Plush ensures that you feel just as fabulous in your sweats as you do in that Galliano gown. What makes Royal Plush absolutely out of this world, hands down, are the fabrics used in the production of the garments. From cashmere to merino wools the suits and separates feel blissful when you slip into one. Royal Plush is a celebrity favorite and there is no question as to why. RP is definitely a must-have for girl who wants to look wicked at the courts as well as stylish and yet relaxed while running errands. So the next time you’re rushing out the door, simply throw on your Royal Plush sweat suit, over-sized sunglasses and some lip-gloss and prepare to feel glamorous. Royal Plush is now available at Bloomingdales but if you can’t make it to N.Y., the collections are available online at

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