Saturday, June 21

How To Shop At Forever21

I can't stand shopping in store at Forever21. too many clothes, too many colors, and way too many shoppers. There is no room to breathe nor think. But, I love the clothes none the less and adore the online store. Always up to the minute, Forever21 is where I go to stock up on things I know won't last but just have to have. There are several things to keep in mind while shopping at Forever21 or any high street store.

Things To Keep In Mind:
  • When in doubt, buy black. Any other color will look cheap, believe me.

  • Don't buy a garment that already has any lose threads or any type of damage. If it can't hold up on the rack it definitely will not hold up after a wild night out.

  • With that in mind remember that these garments won't last for more than two seasons.

  • Look for the right fabrics, try to find cottons, silks and merino wools. They're the most comfortable fabrics and look much better than their artificial counterparts.

  • Stock up on costume jewelry. They have a great selection.

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