Saturday, June 7

Interview with Handbag Designer Rebecca Minkoff

(The Designer, Rebecca Minkoff)
Rebecca Minkoff designs stylish handbags for the modern woman who wants to add a bit of edgy-luxury to her wardrobe. The bags are durable as well as versatile. Rebecca's collection is extensive and there's a perfect bag for everyone. Here's what this savvy arm-candy designer had to say about style.

HM: Describe your style in one word
R: Modern-vintage.

HM:What is your best-kept fashion secret?
R: Staying wheat free!

HM:Where is your favorite place to shop for handbags?
R: My factory

HM: Who is your style icon?
R: I have many, but definitely stylist Ilaria Urbinati

HM: What is the biggest fashion mistake a woman can make when choosing a new handbag?
R: Picking a bag that is too small!

HM: What is one lesson you are grateful for learning throughout your career in fashion?
R: Persistence

HM: What advice would you give to new handbag designers trying to make their fame?
R: Work your ass off and the rewards will be huge!

HM: If you could give women a fashion tip to be fabulous what would it be?
R: Sleep with your eyeliner on, it makes you look like a rock star the next day. INTERVIEW

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