Tuesday, June 10

Letters to Mimi: What's The Best Sunless Tanning Lotion

Q: Mimi, I'm looking for the perfect sunless tanning lotion. I have an olive complexion but tend to be uneven and some of my body parts are lighter than others. I'd like an even skin tone and would like to know which sunless tanner you recommend. -Kanjri

A: Hi Kanjri, I face this issue as well and I depend on Sun Sauce to give me the best sunless tan possible. I've tried many different formulas from various companies but Sun Sauce is my go to sunless bronzer. It's a pretty scented lotion which you rub across the areas you'd like to tan. The best part about Sun Sauce is, i doesn't make your hands turn orange as long as you rinse them off. My tan develops within an hour but it can vary depending on what your skin is like. I also find it very easy to control the color so that if you can keep it on until you reach your desired color and then rinse off for an great even tan. Before using any self-tanner I recommend you exfoliate with a great scrub to flake off any dead skin. This ensures a flawless tan. Get Sun Sauce Here. -Mimi

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