Monday, June 2

Under the Canopy - Organic Linen Pants

Under the Canopy's fine organic linen pants are perfect for staying cool and calm during hectic traveling, and can be worn at your destination for amazing all in one, wear everywhere pieces. I find that linen is usually stiff and scratchy. Soft, quality linen is so hard to find. These pants are extremely soft and feel smooth against your skin.
The "Helene" pant is airy and fresh, and is even perfect to wear if you are pregnant. The color is a beautiful neutral that goes with everything.

The "Melinda" pant is amazing! It fits very true to size and drapes perfectly over your curves. This pant is offered in two colors, white and silver.

"Inspired by the rain forest and the protection of life for future generations. Under the Canopy supports organic fibers, earth friendly dyes, and fair labor practices."

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