Saturday, May 31

Vincent Longo Spring 2008

My love affair with Vincent Longo cosmetics started when I discovered their creamy lipsticks a few years ago. I had always associated Vincent Longo with classic Italian luxury and I also now depend on Vincent Longo to give me make-up looks that are ahead of the pack as well as classy and sophisticated all at the same time. The products are of amazing quality and last for hours after application and the colors are rich and chic. I am very excited about showcasing Vincent Longo's latest C-Scope collection launched for SS08 which I adore. The colors are vibrant and so outrageously rich. From the vibrant blue mascara with matching vibrant liners, to the ultra shiny and ultra glamourous lip vinyl. Here are my favorite products as well as the colors I recommend all available at Sephora. Goda Di. beauty

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