Friday, September 12

Best New Hair Products

BIG Sexy Hair is all the rage this season and we're all for this one. From the Dior catwalks to high-end salons around the world, curls are definitely making their mark. Here are some of our favorite new hair products to give you big bouncy curls that will make heads turn.
Ojon Tunu Elastik Cleanser and Conditioner is made from Tunu extract, Crambe Seed Oil and other rich exotic inredients. These potions are free of sulfates, silicone, artificial colors and preservatives leaving you with silky hair that's super clean and extra bouncy. If you want lots of volume this duo is a must-have in your styling arsenal.

T3 Refresh Volumizing Dry Shampoo is a favorite of busy models who have little time to primp between shows. You simply spray the T3 Refresh to your scalp especially, then I like to spray it randomly around my hair and then flip my head over and brush vigorously. This product will refresh your hair and take out all excess oil and odors from your scalp. Your tresses will look salon worthy in a flash. It's a great way to resurrect that perfect blowout you had two days ago without stripping your hair of moisture.

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