Sunday, September 7

Fashion Icon: Andre Leon Talley

It would be difficult to consider oneself a fashion aficionado without knowing Andre Leon Talley's impact in the industry. After all, Lauren Weisberger found enough inspiration in Talley's impressive career at Vogue to create Nigel from The Devil Wears Prada. Andre Leon Talley was raised in Durham, North Carolina. His grandmother influenced his "understanding of luxury" Talley studied at North Carolina Central University and received a master's degree in French literature from Brown University. He befriended Diana Vreeland the former American Vogue editor-in-chief. He joined the fashion arsenal at American Vogue as the fashion news director in 1983 and then became Vogue's creative director. In 1988, Talley was promoted to Editor at Large. He is known for revolutionizing American Vogue, as well as, mentoring and promoting up-and-coming designers. As a front-row regular at fashion shows across the globe, Andre Leon Talley has his own definition of style. FASHION

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