Sunday, November 16

Editors Picks: My Top 5 Gifts For Sisters

Christmas in London is as busy as ever, Selfridges and Harrods are brimming with festive spirit, presents galore. I'm in the middle of doing my Christmas shopping for my sister and I've come up with my top five gifts for sisters. A CD Bee handbag Christian Dior's luxury CD Bee handbags are to die for, and i know the Strawberry one would be a perfect gift for Christmas. Burst the bank and splash out on this statement piece for your sister, she'll never forget it! LUSH Christmas Candy Set A bargain for less than £20/$40 this gorgeous bath set is divine for a girly indulgent night in, perfect for a diva of a sister. Share the love with this beautiful box for Christmas.
Accessorize Beaded necklace
This statement necklace screams sexy and chic, I love the beading detail and I know this is a must-have piece this season!
Quilted Tuck Lock wallet

Not only is this wallet useful for all your little bits and bobs, its incredibly good value for a real leather wallet. Perfect for your evening or day bag, it-wallet of the year? I think so. -Vanessa Lee, London Correspondent

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