Monday, November 17

The Boyfriend Look

The borrowed from a "dude" look has an undeniable appeal to A-listers and fashionistas alike. Katie Holmes and Reese Witherspoon love rocking out in this casual, yet chic style. Don't know where to begin? Just find some inspiration from your boyfriend's closet.

The Boyfriend Cropped Jean
Perfectly worn in, loose, and flattering. Preferably distressed with holes and rips. It adds character. The cuffed look can be easily transformed from day to night. During the day, pair with dainty feminine flats, it will contrast the masculine nature of the jean.Feeling sexy? Wear the jeans will a killer heel or cut-out booties for that extra edge. When it's colder outside, wear the jeans with a tall boot for some rockstar sex appeal. Our favorite Boyfriend Jeans:


Your Man's Closet. You won't have to drop a penny.

The Boyfriend Cardigan.
Long sweaters have been a hit this fall. Vintage renewed glamour is all about reworking classical pieces into your modern wardrobe. Layering is never out of style. To dress up your cardigan add unique brooches or sew on new buttons. Don't have anytime? This Jack Bindi Striped Cardigan has a little crown on each of the buttons. It's luxe for less.

The Shirt Dress.
Skeptical about this look? Borrow a dress shirt from a fantastic guy. Cinch your waist with a belt and wear with leggings.

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