Tuesday, November 25

Fitness Diary Week 1 : Oriental Beauty Tea

I've decided to pay more attention to my health and well being. Beauty starts inside out right? I'm at a very happy weight and I am not dieting but I am trying tone up and gain muscle mass while getting rid of a little extra here and there that inhibits my heard earned lean muscles from showing up. I thought I'd start my journey with a few cups of Oolong every day. I was introduced to it first while reading VOGUE then again while shopping for greentea at Ten Rens. The owner recommended the "Oriental Beauty" tea and since then I've been hooked.

Oolong has a full range of antioxidants, this is good news but that's only the beginning. Oolong also increases your metabolism and blocks fat absorption. It's also proven that Oolong promotes good skin, lowers cholesterol, lowers high blood pressure and inhibits bacteria that can lead to tooth decay. That is definitely my kind of tea.
I've had much success with Oolong. I am not able to workout as much as I have in the past due to a heavy schedule so Oolong really has helped me maintain my weight. I personally drink two cups a day. I don't recommend drinking more than three cups seeing as this can cause an increased heart rate which can be very harmful. You should speak to your doctor before you begin an Oolong based regimen. It's an acquired taste a little bitter but I've come to adore it and it is a great tea to unwind with at the end of the day. A great replacement to Shiraz? P.S. You can find oolong in your local Chinatown or even at your supermarket. Twinings makes a nice version.

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